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Use these tips to help support your staff through out this difficult time. Staff wellbeing is the key to supporting pupil wellbeing, it can still be easily done during school closures and is probably even more important as staff are taking on different responsibilities and roles.

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Kimberley Evans left the primary classroom 2 years ago to run Nourish the Workplace, which helps schools all over the world support their staff’s wellbeing and happiness. She runs #EdWellbeingGoals every Thursday evening on Twitter and is heavily involved with #teacher5aday. She tweets @nourishworkplce, is on LinkedIn here and her Facebook page is here.

The ‘Cookie Jar’ is a behaviour approach I use to build relationships with all the kids I work with and is part of my Only One You Coaching programme. Click in the box for a ‘checklist’ worksheet I’ve produced to support anybody working with disconnected kids.

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Mark Goodwin is a teacher, trainer & coach. He helps make school work for all staff & students. He runs Only One You coaching and his website is Equal Parts Education. He tweets at @MarkGoodwin8

The Primary First Trust puts the wellbeing of its pupils, staff and community at the forefront of everything it does. Below are a set of newsletters for families and staff, with many useful links and resources. 

Kelly Hannaghan is a wellbeing consultant, public speaker and author, passionately promoting positive MH and wellbeing of all stakeholders in education. She tweets @mindworkmatters


Just Talk is a multi-agency campaign, designed with young people, to improve the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people.   The Just Talk website shares positive mental health and wellbeing information for young people, parents and professionals.  There is a range of free to download resources including a schools toolkit which contains short 15 minute activities to run in form time, assembly templates, lesson plans, posters, quizzes, etc.

There is also a new Covid-19 page on the website, containing (amongst other things) wellbeing checklists for primary school and secondary school aged children, and parents, for them to use to help ensure they maintain their sense of wellbeing at home.  These draw on the evidence based Five Ways to Wellbeing.

The Just Talk campaign is Hertfordshire based, but resources are free for other areas to use – the only information that won’t be relevant will be some of the local support information within the posters and on the website.  We use #JustTalk on social media.

Jen Beer is the Health Improvement Lead for Hertfordshire Public Health team

Twitter handle: @jennufcboss

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