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Thérèse Hoyle is Founder and chief facilitator of Thérèse Hoyle Consultancies. She tweets @theresehoyle

7 Steps to Boost WellbeingThe Unedited Version!

Creating a culture that actively promotes staff wellbeing: Five Steps (Optimus Education Blog)

Thérèse Hoyle as a passion for creating positive and harmonious school cultures. She is an international educational consultant and executive coach with over 21 years’ experience. She advises schools and teachers on aspects of behaviour management, anti-bullying, social, emotional and mental health needs of children and teens, staff wellbeing, organisational development, coaching and leadership.

Thérèse has worked with teams all over the world, so far reaching over 495 schools and 15,400 individuals. Her books include 101 Playground Games and 101 Wet Playtime Games and Activities and she is a contributing author to How to be a Peaceful School. She is also an adviser for the Wellbeing Award for Schools

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